LEW and Consultancy Services

It is important that all electrical works need to be in compliant with the local regulation and code of practices. This will ensure safety to both humans and properties.

At CST, we are able to provide consultancy services as well as LEW and Electrical Qualified Person (QP) for your project.

A partial list of the projects that we have been involved in includes:

  • CapitaGreen – Project LEW/QP
  • Westgate Mall and Tower – Project LEW/QP
  • Ocean Financial Centre – Project LEW/QP
  • One George Street – Project LEW/QP
  • International Cruise Centre – Project LEW/QP
  • Shaw Centre- LEW/QP for electrical upgrading
  • Republic Plaza – Consultant for addition of standby genset
  • Katong Park Tower – Consultant for busduct replacement
  • Genting Centre – Genset replacement
  • Keppel DHCS – LEW/QP for plant expansion
  • Dupont – LEW/QP for electrical A&A works
  • Bugis Junction – Project LEW/QP for electrical extension
  • Etc